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Welcome to Stouffville Optometry

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Offices of Drs. McDowell, Genin, DeJesus and Soluri

Welcome to Stouffville Optometry, where our knowledgeable staff and professional eye doctors strive to provide you and your family with premier eye care, for life.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive eye care to our patients by combining optometric expertise and integrity with friendly, personalized service.

If you are new to Stouffville, we welcome you to join our “Vision for Life” practice. We have been serving our patients for over 40 years offering a complete range of eye care services.

Come and see how we can meet your needs.


Ask Dr. Soluri a Question...

What is the examination like to determine if someone has dry eyes?

A large part of the examination is finding out what the patient is experiencing and determining the type of dry eye causing the symptoms. We examine the surface of the eye under a microscope to look at the quantity and the quality of the tear film. Additionally, we examine the eyelids and the glands inside the eyelids to insure they are healthy. 

What are the typical treatments for dry eyes?

There are a wide range of treatments ranging from over the counter products to specialty procedures. Many times using the right artificial tears and hot compresses can help boost the tear film. There are prescription eye drops that can aid in tear production as well for patients with more advanced dry eye.

Are there any recommendations to help people avoid dry eye?

Of course – stay hydrated and take breaks from your computer and smart phone. I recommend the 20/20/20 Rule – take a 20 second break every 20 minutes and look 20 feet away and blink your eyes. Finally, make an appointment so that we can tailor our recommendations to your individual needs.

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Call to make an appointment 905-642-EYES (3937)

If you experience loss of vision, double vision, swelling, infection or any eye emergency, contact us immediately for guidance. We’ll help you with the best treatment to prevent complications and promote long-lasting clear eyesight.
Please call our office at: 905-642-3937 for further instructions. Use your best judgment on urgency, if you feel your need to find the nearest emergency room.


Dear Valued Patients,

As the environment continues to evolve in regards to the declared pandemic of COVID-19, Stouffville Optometry will be CLOSED until March 29.

Our office will be complying with the directive set forth by The College of Optometrists of Ontario, in consultation with the Ontario Ministry of Health to suspend all non-urgent care for the next two weeks.

We will be taking all necessary steps to inform our patients who are currently booked for an appointment that they will be re-scheduled for a later date. For eye-health emergencies, please call (NOT EMAIL) 905-642- 3937 so that you may be given appropriate direction. Please leave a message on our answering machine and we will contact you as soon as we can. Messages will be retrieved daily Monday-Friday.

We will continue to work closely with both the College and the Ministry of Health to ensure we take the necessary steps to help contain the spread of COVID-19. We hope these actions help protect our community and get us back to serving our loyal patients as soon as possible.

To our patients who need contact lenses we can ship direct to your home! To order simply call the office and our staff will help get what you need. If you get our answering machine simply leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you for your continued support understanding,

Stouffville Optometry