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Lens Designs

Whether glasses are to help you see in the distance, up close or both; there are lenses available in a wide range of designs, styles, and technologies, making it easy to find a pair of lenses that suits your individual needs and preferences.

Don’t settle for standard. Choose ClearView Single Vision Lenses that offer excellent vision clarity from the lens centre to the periphery, in a lens that is flatter, thinner, and more attractive looking than conventional lenses.

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While progressive lenses can correct vision for far, intermediate, and near requirements, not all lenses are equal. Optimal results are achieved with trusted companies that continuously update and advance their optics technology. These high-quality progressive lenses provide seamless visual transitioning across all focal lengths, wider fields of view, and improved adaptation to new lenses. At Stouffville Optometry, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you select the best Progressive design based on your lifestyle and individual needs.

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Increased screen time and prolonged demands on near vision has placed new stresses on our eyes causing digital eye strain, fatigue, decreased productivity and poor focus. Anti-Fatigue Glasses and task specific Computer/OfficeLenses are design to support prolonged activities up close. Whether you are on screens for work, enjoy reading, hobbies that require sharp near and intermediate vision, these lenses will help you get through your day with ease.

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